UKRAINE ! The world promised never again!

After the Holocaust the world repeated like a mantra, never again but  there are wars raging around the globe over the decades that so far have been so distant we in the UK have empathised, sympathised, raised money  for the poor and displaced but never  has it felt so close that we would again be wracked with fear that a lunatic dictator would obliterate Europe………. but here we are again!

I completely understand the reticence that USA, UK and other countries have about entering the fray because as soon as we did it would be WW3.  Lying is in Putins DNA, I feel for the Russian people too because they have been brainwashed and  controlled by poverty and fear.

If Putin feels that he is seen to be destroyed by the rest of the world  he is mad enough to try and wreak as much vengeance as possible.

He needs to go, one way or another !

Im wishing all my neighbours in UKRAINE who are fighting so valiantly against a dictatorship,  and their supporters in the UK, Europe, USA and around the world much love,  all lives matter, our hearts are with you  and we will try to help as much as we can.

Jaine x

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