Will Smith @ The Oscars

Shock, Horror!

Fisticuffs at the Oscars!

I have never seen anything so instantly shocking in all my life and so, so wrong on both sides! The moment Will Smith fleetingly looks into his wife’s eyes just as Chris Rock finished delivering his disgusting, killer quip and Will registered the hurt and distress deep in her soul prompting him to he leap to her defence we knew it wouldn’t end well.  Red mist descended obviously !

However which way Will and Jada conduct their marriage its always been very plain to see that they love each other passionately they survived a marriage, a lot don’t  and what we once  would tolerate from our comedians we cant now because we know its ‘not very nice’, human beings and the world are constantly evolving. Chris Rock honed his career by roasting people, observing peoples quirky  traits and physical flaws and twisting them for laughs and the majority  of us did laugh but in todays society its nothing to be tolerated.

Will Smith is acting royalty there is no disputing that, most of his films  have deep meaning  and a good clean message  running through them. He is inherently a good and genuine man, a good father and husband, a protector but he also has an ego and in that split second he felt that he needed to show Chris who was boss. The Oscars are his patch, his people but he overstepped the mark with the slap and his language.

We all feel that we have to step up to bullies  and there is a sense of survival running through humanity after Covid and now a European threat to our safety, sub consciously we don’t want to just laugh along and put up and shut up anymore and rightly so but before you react to something that is unjust, before you react to being taken advantage of take a second to really think about how you should proceed and deal with the situation and always be aware of the possible outcome. I know Will has apologised but now I think Chris should apologise too.

The Oscar’s board must be terrified of whatever action they take now as it will have repercussions one way or another.

Violence is never the answer as it only leads to more violence and revenge, owning up to a behaviour that has caused upset is the right thing to do and that takes a bigger person.


Jaine x

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