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E1 | Gail Porter on Global Fame, Mental Health Trauma, Alopecia, Homelessness, Phone Hacking and Getting Herself Back To HappinessHealth Hacktivators with Dr Alka Patel

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In this episode of Health Hacktivators, Dr Alka Patel is in conversation with the powerhouse that is Gail Porter. Gail is a TV personality, documentary maker and former model who exploded into the public eye as a world-renowned pinup girl in the ‘lads mag’ era of the 90’s, famously having her nude image projected onto the Houses Of Parliament.

Since then Gail was diagnosed with alopecia as well as having an ongoing battle with mental health challenges that have seen her subjected to a period of sectioning under the Mental Health act, against her will. That section of the podcast – and Gail’s treatment – will truly shock you and leave you questioning what constitutes neglect. As you will hear in the podcast, Gail’s internal battles did not start due to fame or her alopecia diagnosis; as she openly, honestly and bravely shares, she underwent a stage of self-harming in her teens as well as suffering from periods of complication with control surrounding eating.

In this episode you will hear about:

The challenges of dealing with fame Gail’s alopecia diagnosis and its effect on her life   Confronting Mental Health issues  Dealing with phone hacking whilst suffering from mental health  Gail’s battle with homelessness and how she had to subject herself to a stint in Big Brother to rehome herself

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