Beauty Secrets of Yesteryear

The Vintage Beauty  Secrets  of Yesteryear… and why they still work Vanishing creams First appearing in the 1890s, vanishing creams were mainly oil in water emulsions and although they were designed to be a daytime skin protectant, they were mostly used as a base to help hold face powder to the skin as they gave an instant matte look. Silent movie star Edna Wallace Hooper was the face of the earlier brands calling them her Youth cream.…

Does our hair age!

HAIR TEXTURE CHANGES AS WE GET OLDER… IT GETS DRIER AND FRIZZIER. HOW CAN A CUT DEAL WITH THAT? Firstly, accept that your hair is changing with your hormones and embrace it. A good cut can make all the difference – it can make hair easier to manage, easier to style and help it to look its best every day, rather than just after a salon visit. A good cut takes into account your face…
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