Lara Asprey’s  Top Tips for dating make-up

 Keep it Real When it comes to makeup on a date it can be super tempting to really go for it and use all the make up that you don’t use every day because it’s a special occasion but what you don’t want to be doing is going over the top and looking like some contoured zebra, and feeling uncomfortable as a result. Make sure that you choose make up that matches your skintone, which…

The Menopause

Every month I’m going to write an article to start a conversation and I would love for you to take part, so please send me emails and videos of what you think, feel and your experiences. We all have different opinions and that’s because we all have different thought processes. We can all be  right or wrong as well  but until you have  a discussion and hear other people’s opinions, how will you know and how can you change your mind. I’m…

Nancys Behind The Scenes at OK Mag shoot

Beauty Fashion Style and  Makeup Everything I LOVE! When Im offered  to do  lovely fashion shoots I jump at the chance because I genuinely  really enjoy it. I’ve been modelling now for over 20 years and I’m not going to stop. Im not bothered how old I get because  every decade we get older we become more beautiful and wise with so much left to give. I Just recently  did an At Home shoot with…
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