Will Smith @ The Oscars

Shock, Horror! Fisticuffs at the Oscars! I have never seen anything so instantly shocking in all my life and so, so wrong on both sides! The moment Will Smith fleetingly looks into his wife's eyes just as Chris Rock finished delivering his disgusting, killer quip and Will registered the hurt and distress deep in her soul prompting him to he leap to her defence we knew it wouldn't end well.  Red mist descended obviously !…

Beauty Secrets of Yesteryear

The Vintage Beauty  Secrets  of Yesteryear… and why they still work Vanishing creams First appearing in the 1890s, vanishing creams were mainly oil in water emulsions and although they were designed to be a daytime skin protectant, they were mostly used as a base to help hold face powder to the skin as they gave an instant matte look. Silent movie star Edna Wallace Hooper was the face of the earlier brands calling them her Youth cream.…
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