Kate Garraway … Caring for Derek

I watched Caring for Derek last night and was overwhelmed with emotions and feelings for Kate, Derek and their two gorgeous bright children, and the rest of the family of course. It was quite obvious to me that Derek even though he started making progress when he went home is sinking into himself.  It must be exhausting for him trying to will his body into moving, the embarrassment at been looked after and treated like…

We are saying Thank you for all your support!

During Feb - March 2022 we are saying thank you  to all you fabulous ladies out there supporting our website so as that thank you we are  having an amazingly delightful sale !!! We want you to buy our great products and feel good about giving back when you do. It has been a horrible grey miserable Jan - Feb 2022 and we want to do something that brightens your day. It will start to shine…
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