Ice White Labradorite Bracelet … Crazy Sale Prices while stock lasts !!

  • Good for the respiratory system
  • Helps with healthy digestion
  • Clears anxiety

Labradorite may be considered a stone-filled to the brim with mystical energy, but it’s also a great stone for grounding in when it comes to physical healing. One of the places where Labradorite shines as a healing crystal is when it comes to the respiratory system. From blood circulation to breathing and the power behind your lungs, this stone is all about encouraging complete health and wellbeing, inviting you to take a deep breath comfortably as you say yes to the universe. Anyone suffering from bronchitis and other respiratory issues may find the healing hands of Labradorite helpful in the journey to wellness.

Labradorite may pay special attention to the lungs but it doesn’t stop there. It also helps with healthy digestion, regulation and keeps your metabolism working well. For those who suffer from the symptoms of PMS and painful periods, this gentle stone can also aid in keeping pain and tension on the down-low. It also helps to heal rheumatism and gets rid of the problems caused by gout.

In fact, any kind of tension and anxiety can be swept away by the lush properties of Labradorite. It’s a stone that is known to stimulate mental clarity, helping you to chase away the fog and stay level and concise in your own mind. Exactly the formula you need to make amazing decisions.

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Materials: natural32 genuine leather Metal: stainless steel Size: around 32.5 inches + 3 closures for adjustment Handmade artwork Made with loveIce White


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