Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a start to making amazing changes in your life like me!!

Hello Everyone,

I truly hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and  if you struggled like I did then please be proud of yourself that you made it through and in a few days it will be the New Year and amazing things might happen if you stay positive.

Surround yourself with people that truly care about you but stop living for everyone else.

Start loving and living for yourself.  Which is something I intend to do in 2022.

Im so sick of feeling guilty all the time, guilty for not being the perfect mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, guilty for being overweight, guilty for getting old, just plain guilty all the time.

Why do I feel not good enough for anybody or anything in my personal life, we’ll that’s easy I  just don’t like the way I look.  I’ve kept myself a prisoner in this body for decades there are a lot of psychological reasons for this that go back  to childhood and thats for a discussion on one our podcasts with Ishbel Straker.

Dont fool yourself, there is no such thing as healthy and fat, you might get away with illness, aches and pains when your younger and can justify the weight because we are living in a diverse society and acceptance is the key word of the decade and you might look and feel beautiful, brimming with confidence or you might feel like you can cope by ignoring the weight and making fun of your self before anyone else does. Laugh it off be strong but you have to understand and accept that as you get older the weight can kill you and I’m finding out now that I have been poisoning myself  for years with a love of fine foods and wine and very little exercise, plus a non functioning thyroid to boot  but its not to late to reverse the damage I have done to my poor body, thank goodness!

I want to see my  grand children grow up and I also deserve some happiness in my life.

I would so like to find a partner to share my life with but that’s not going to happen when I look and feel like this.

So you might all think what the hell is she doing going from not moving at all to throwing herself into a a regime titled  ‘The Six Pack Revolution’ well I have met the amazing Scott Harrison the founder and owner of the business also  known as the  ‘Age Hacker’  for good reason and I have  seen the results.

If I only get a tenth of what all the people that have joined this amazing, lifestyle changing plan have had ill be very happy.  I want to feel healthy, strong, light and fresh and have a happy mind to go with a happy body.

We start the first wave on the 9th January 2022 so if you want to join me go to https://thesixpackrevolution.com/?v=79cba1185463 and make sure you let them know you read about them on this website.

I’ll be writing a weekly update, so here’s to 2022 with  lots of pain and lots of gain!!

As always send in your photos, videos and stories as we can all support each other whatever diet or plan you’re on.


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