New Years Resolutions 2022

Well it’s the 11th January  2022 and I’ve broken most of my News Years Resolutions to some degree but you know what I’m not going to beat myself up about it and just give in like I do every year instead I’m going to cut myself some slack and forgive the weakness of the moment and get back to what I’m trying to achieve the day after and it’s working !

I’ve gone on a long walk ok not every day like I was determined to do but 6 times out of the 10 days so far in January, thats amazing for me !

So for that I’m proud of myself I’ve joined the Facebook group for The Six Pack Revolution and ordered my battle ropes. Scott has  transformed Rylan Clark through his 75 day wave. There has been so much news about how Rylan is beginning the year with so much hope and health I want  to feel that way too.

Though  I have slipped up and had a bottle of wine or two but I’ve also cut down drastically on the Vino consumption and for that I’m proud of myself.

I’ve stuck up for myself when I’ve felt poorly treated instead of slinking off frightened to rock the boat by saying something.

I have eaten bread  even though I said I’d cut down on carbs but I’ve not eaten crisps !


I’m trying not to be a workaholic but I’m afraid that’s just the way I am but I can stop feeling guilty about it, embrace it as part of me and since I have I feel so less stressed about taking that walk most mornings as I know with my work ethic I’ll add another hour on at the end of the day.

My mantra now is there is always time for me and my family and  friends, it’s hard but I’m really, really trying to make that one work.

So to you all reading this remember tiny steps will become miles so keep on going and love yourself for all those tiny steps


Jaine x


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