Kate Garraway … Caring for Derek

I watched Caring for Derek last night and was overwhelmed with emotions and feelings for Kate, Derek and their two gorgeous bright children, and the rest of the family of course.

It was quite obvious to me that Derek even though he started making progress when he went home is sinking into himself.  It must be exhausting for him trying to will his body into moving, the embarrassment at been looked after and treated like a baby, spoon fed and put in adult nappies, this once tall, clever man with a wicked sense of humour.

The depression he must be going through will be soul destroying the only thing keeping him strong is Kate’s utter devotion to him and her hope.

However strong Kate is she has also been battered by the outcome of this horrendous disease. One could gauge a lot about them and their devotion and love for each other and how they are coping  as a family  not only from seeing and listening to them but from the house and  its contents.

I do think their home has always been lived in and they have put comfort and children ahead of having a perfectly clean and immaculate  house, you know the one’s  that you see every week splashed across the pages of Hello and OK  but that just proves to me that they place spending  time with their children, family and work higher than anything else. However I feel that Kate might also have a slight phobia of throwing things away as well and since Derek became ill that compulsion might have got worse.

Overwhelmed seems to be the state Kate is in, it beggars belief with the lack of sleep, food and constant heartache and worry and 2 vibrant children to protect and nurture she can hold down  a high powered Job on GMB, but she does. She goes from Caring for Derek to a studio most days, while working on other projects to keep the massive  costs that having Derek at home must incurr down.

Its women like this that I hold a high respect for and that inspire me  not the vacuous Kim Kardashians and Katie Prices’ of this world .

Hold on Kate, get some sleep, eat, go to a spa with a friend and try to  relax,  take a day away with the kids for your own sanity while you’re Caring for Derek.

Jaine x

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