Ishbel Straker

When I think about Fabulous Me, I think about empowerment. This word is thrown around so much it feels as though its lost all meaning but to me empowerment is not just about ones self, its about having the confidence to empower others. We create our own platforms and some are privileged to be given them, but for what purpose? To hold ourselves in a position above others? I feel we are positioned to support others, be the voice if those who have none and to elevate the voice of the broken but have the courage to whisper.

This topic has been catapulted into the media agenda in recent years but this doesn’t mean we can sit back and hope for the change to come, we must keep pressing forward in how we support one another, with the continued mantra that it genuinely is ok to not be ok. We need to feel a level of comfort in the admission of this and to check ourselves when we perceive others around us weak when they allow themselves to be vulnerable in their honesty. But most importantly, we must feel comfortable when resting and lose the guilt attached to this because its only in the stillness of rest that we can decompress and rejuvenate enough to fight on through another day.

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