Lara Asprey’s  Top Tips for dating make-up

 Keep it Real

When it comes to makeup on a date it can be super tempting to really go for it and use all the make up that you don’t use every day because it’s a special occasion but what you don’t want to be doing is going over the top and looking like some contoured zebra, and feeling uncomfortable as a result. Make sure that you choose make up that matches your skintone, which isn’t too cakey, and before you’re about to leave for your date check that it’s all blended in properly. Try to keep make up as natural as possible while still looking glamorous. You basically want to look like the best version of yourself so choose products accentuate your best features.

 Pack extra for your handbag
It’s also a really nice idea to pack your favourite make up in your bag so that when you pop to the loo on your date you can quickly reapply. We all know how much wearing masks can cause much of our well applied make up efforts to come off faster than we would like.
Avoid the double whammy

When it comes to make up do you want to make sure that you’re not overdoing it so it’s often wise to choose between the eyes or the lips. If you have a strong eyes AND lips it can sometimes look a bit over the top and your date won’t know where to look, so choose between which one you want to make the statement.

Pay attention to those lips
Your lips are very busy on dates a all that talking, drinking eating, laughing – you name it so you’ve got to pay more attention to your lips than anywhere else on your face. Make sure that your lipstick doesn’t smudge by putting a good liner over the the edges of your lips and moisturising those lips really well before you go out so that you don’t get dry flakey lips midway through your date. Also, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a super lipstick that he can’t take his eyes off. Just be sure to check it’s not on your teeth before you head out!
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