The Menopause

Every month I’m going to write an article to start a conversation and I would love for you to take part, so please send me emails and videos of what you think, feel and your experiences.

We all have different opinions and that’s because we all have different thought processes. We can all be  right or wrong as well  but until you have  a discussion and hear other people’s opinions, how will you know and how can you change your mind.

I’m kicking off ‘Lets Have a Conversation’ with the menopause as I’ve been going through it since I was 49, not realising my hormone levels probably started dropping  at 40, which explains why my confidence, anxiety  and energy levels started dropping too.

It was at a time when GP’s were advising  women not to take hormone medication  as  scientists  discovered a percentage of women would be susceptible to cancers if they took hormones, which was very scary to hear.

However I did my research and decided  that it was right for me to go on hormones as soon as I got my first night sweat and I forgot how to reverse the car into a parking space (though maybe i shouldn’t blame everything on being menopausal !!)

Did you know that women  actually spend a third of their lives in perimenopause  not realising that their anxiety and low self esteem comes from the  symptoms of being perimenopausal.

It’s only recently that women have started to discuss going through the  menopause openly  and it really helps that  lots of celebrities going through the same  have started talking about this in the press, taking away some of the stigma.

From the first period I had there was always a sense of  shame about bleeding then all of a sudden the tables are  turned and I know I will  feel  a sense of shame for not bleeding when they finally stop!

What’s that all about?

The perimenopause can kick in at 40, or even as early as  30  and  the drop in hormone levels can really affect a woman’s perception of herself.

For some of us there is a feeling of being past ones sell by date, no longer ripe with fertility, becoming invisible to the opposite sex  and finally  resigning  yourself to never feeling sexy, spontaneous and desirable again.

I have been wracked with these feelings but in my heart I know it’s not true and I’m going to fight my way to the other side.

Yes I know a lot of you reading this won’t feel  that way, but believe me there are a lot of women that do and they need our  friendship and support.

We need to discuss  our feelings more as hormones are  so powerful that losing them can send women  into a spiral of despair that can affect mental health, quality of life and  relationships with partners and family and sometimes all that’s needed is just to talk and to get some advice and support from family and friends as well as the Doctors. Just because nature decided this is the way it is going to be for women  doesn’t mean we have to accept it and quietly resign ourselves to years of brain fog, sweats, anxiety and fatigue. We all need to keep pushing the medical profession to find new ways of tackling the side effects of loss of hormones.

To all the mums out there start  discussing the menopause  with your  daughters as soon as they get their first periods,  give them a timeline of what the stages are and gently  get them ready in mind and body for the inevitable to happen and teach them to believe  that they are entitled to  and can live a gloriously happy life  through every womb change in their lives.

So come on ……Let’s Start The Conversation 

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